About Freedom Village





Freedom Village seeks to help each young person find and reach their God-given potential. Spiritually, we help the young people find peace and forgiveness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Physically, we help the young people get free of damaging addictions or self-destructive behavior and learn the value of a positive work ethic. Emotionally, we help the young people recover from the hurt of a traumatic past and learn to trust again. And Mentally, we help the young people learn to value education and pursue a better plan for their lives.

Young people at Freedom Village are surrounded by a caring staff and given incentive for change. Increasing rewards and responsibilities are given as they make progress in the program. It is our goal that every young person that comes to Freedom Village leaves us possessing the tools to rebuild family relationships and build a healthy future.

Parents can be sure of a strong commitment to the Word of God as the foundation of our program. They can trust that their child is in a safe place and surrounded by a Christian team that will be personally involved in their lives; and they can know that their child will be treated with care as an individual child of God.

Our 3 Promises to Parents

  1. Your child will be valued and respected by our staff, treated with the same care and understanding that we would want our own children treated with.

  2. Your child’s spiritual well being is our top priority. Your child will constantly be confronted with clear teaching and preaching from the Bible.

  3. We will make it a priority to give your child the character, education and work ethic that will help them to become productive members of your family and lay the groundwork for future success.


The young people are taught responsibility; they will learn teamwork through sports and work; and they will gain character through the application of Biblical principles in everything they do. And through it all, they will enjoy themselves and get to be kids – singing, playing sports, going to summer camp, etc. – without the burdens of their past troubles. We are blessed to have watched so many young people grow up to follow Christ and to go on to lead productive lives. Some go on to college, some to the military, others to the workforce, and some go on to serve Jesus Christ in full-time ministry.

Our rural campus overlooks Seneca Lake, 10 minutes north of the village of Watkins Glen (famous for its NASCAR and racing events, as well as beautiful state park). We are located about 90 minutes from Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton, New York.

Freedom Village USA is Christian residential home for at-risk youth. Overlooking beautiful Seneca Lake in rural upstate New York, Freedom Village's caring, structured program has been helping teenagers make a fresh start in life for over 36 years.

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