Financial Information

Effective January 1st, 2018



          Freedom Village is a Bible based, Christ honoring, faith based ministry. The base costs as of this date to house, educate, and care for a young person including surrounding that young person with a Godly, safe, well staffed environment to change their life is $8,000 a month.


          Since its origin thousands and thousands of young people have come here broken, hopeless in their own minds and seeking a “second chance” or in many cases it was their “last chance” to change their lives---Freedom Village of Canada is a place of miracles. It is our policy that “no young person will ever be turned away because of money”... We need supporters and families to help with this monthly cost.


Cost includes but is not limited to: 24/7 residence, schooling (books, computers, staff and learning materials.) Pastoral care, sports and team exercises, character developing tools, insurance, and transportation to church, events and summer camp.


          Base costs: A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure an intake appointment.


          Personal account money: A deposit of $150 is required at intake to be placed in your young persons personal  account for such items which may be necessary for their basic needs: Example toiletries, paper, pens, snack shop to name a few and if for instance they were to damage something, break a window etc. This account is monitored and limited and any extra out of the ordinary expenses will be directed towards you before giving your young person the go ahead---(for instance, we will never approve your child buying a $300 pair of sneakers, etc.)


          Box money: We require a $100 deposit be left with us at the time your young person is accepted into the program in case their comes a time we have to excuse them and send them home for due cause. History has taught us the best avenue to facilitate this is: your young person packs their personal items, they sign a form disclosing that they packed it, it is all there and then we ship the boxes to your home.


          Bus/Airfare: At the time of your young persons acceptance in the program we require that you leave on deposit sufficient funds to buy either a bus ticket (if acceptable) or an airline ticket to send your young person home. Obviously, this is variable and depends on your location.


          By way of review:   A $100 deposit to secure your intake interview.


                                           A one-time intake fee of $500 or arrangements for us to find a Sponsor .


                                           Personal account, Box and return bus or airline fees.


                                           And a monthly amount for support mutually agreed upon---for a on going                                                              monthly basis.


          Should you have further questions, please feel free to call our office at: 1-877-726-5558


          As previously stated, this is a partnership---I am sure your realize there are many costs involved in running a ministry of this magnitude--- So if you will work with us, we certainly will work with you! And may God be honored and glorified!



Keara Gallant


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