Pastor Brothers

        Dr. Fletcher A. Brothers was born in Carthage, NY March 8, 1948 the son of Pastor and Mrs. Rae L. Brothers, both of whom are with the Lord in heaven. 2019 marks the 48th year of his ministry dedicated to God Country and Children. He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on youth issues an has stood for and against those issues tearing at the very fiber of our children and families. One of the original founders of the Christian Right back in the late 70's Dr. Brothers was extremely involved with the Christian Round table, Christian Voice, A Board Member of Christians for Reagan, and many other organizations dedicated to bring Biblical Morality to the forefront of  North America. He has ministered both in the United States and Canada for all these years. For over 46 years he has hosted the daily half hour Victory Today radio program (available on this website under radio-media), plus for 27 years he hosted the Victory Today Television show and presently airs many of our programs on the Village's You Tube channel also available under the radio-media icon. He has authored several books and papers on youth issues, founded Freedom Village Canada, Freedom Village Ukraine, Freedom Village USA & Operation Mercy (our outreach to orphans in the Ukraine)


          For 46 years Dr. Brothers has been called the “Tell it like it is” preacher and one need only listen to the radio program or  visit  any of our appearances, be in a church service, banquet or public appearance to confirm that fact. Traditional, conservative and dedicated to the Word of God---oh yes! He has often said, “If you cut me I bleed patriotism” and that is a fact to all who know him. PC at Freedom Village stands for “Pastor's Club”---our highest level in the program---not what the world that has let go of the hand of God wants to proclaim it to be. Freedom Village is built on and dedicated to the Word of God and training young people to be what God would have them be.

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