Village Life

Typical Day


Our schedule makes time each day for spiritual growth (personal devotions, chapel), academic study and chores. Each day also includes free time and recreational time for students to enjoy themselves and have a break.

Weekdays, the young people wake up at 6:00 AM, prepare for the day, go to breakfast then chapel. After chapel, they attend school until around 3 with a break for lunch. After school, they attend to chores until dinner. After dinner, there will be time for sports/recreation and, depending on the day, either a personal development class or a group activity of some sort.

The young people attend school for roughly six hours each day. They have at least an hour of recreation time in the evenings. There are two or three group times a week where personal development/character issues are discussed, aside from chapel times. The young people are to be in bed from 10pm to 6am. Weekends are a little different – 8am wake-up on Saturday, we often seek out some form of community service on Saturdays and have activities or movies at night. On Sunday, we attend church in the morning and sometimes church in the evening. The rest of the day is usually given to rest and recreation.

Chores are definitely a part of daily responsibility. Young people assist in lawn care, kitchen duties, upkeep of the buildings and care of the horses. Young people do not each do their own laundry, but one or two assigned monitors see to laundry duty. The young people are required to keep their rooms clean and make their beds each morning. Their rooms are inspected at breakfast time each morning.

The young people are required to attend all church and chapel services. Each weekday morning, there is a brief chapel service. There are also church services at the church sponsored by our ministry in the village of Watkins Glen. The young people ride to services Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and they are required to complete devotions each morning. There are also regular times of Bible study, most of which are done as a group and mandatory. All of our group sessions focus on character development, from a Biblical perspective.

During free time, the young people typically have the option of going to the recreation room (to play games or get a snack), watching TV in the dormitory (evenings only), or playing sports on the quad or basketball court.

Food is served in the cafeteria at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Outside this, the young people regularly receive snacks in coordination with activities.

Since 1981, Freedom Village has offered troubled youth a second chance in life through its residential program. We work with boys and girls who have been in trouble at home, school or in their community. Boys and girls who were struggling and defiant are turned around and given academic, spiritual and personal instruction and mentoring to help them become confident, kind and trustworthy young adults.

Freedom Village is a place of non-stop activity from sunup to sundown. Young people in our care participate in a myriad of activities that go on at Freedom Village. Along the way, they are taught responsibility through chores and service projects; they learn teamwork through sports and work; and they gain character through the application of Biblical principles in everything they do.

Through it all, they will enjoy themselves and get to be kids – singing, playing sports, going to summer camp, etc – without the burdens of their past troubles.

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